Savour a wide range of healthy, yummy,tummy-filling, and nutritious western and fusion delicacies at astonishingly affordable prices. With every purchase you make, you are helping students and trainers pay their fees. So dine for a cause today.

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One of the best Ikan Bakar and Asam Pedas that I have ever had. The portion was big and easily can be shared by 3 pax. Very worthy. Well done team.

Perinba Selva Nayagi Ramachandran

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Food was delicious. Service was excellent. I live in the sticks so hardly anything good gets delivered here. Delivery charge very reasonable. Nice touch with the handwritten note. Highly recommended.

Stefanie Yan

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I ordered Baked Salmon with roasted potatoes and asparagus. It was really good and well baked. I always fear to eat salmon due to smell and fishy taste, but this was exceptional. Plus the dessert that comes for free. Thumbs up guys . Keep rocking and great chefs in making. Love the garlic lemon sauce too. And not forgetting a hand written note.

Chandravathani Sathasivam

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I ordered the Pesto Linguine and also the Squid and it was really really good. Me & my family loved it so much and this is really worth a try. well done to the Team of Masak-Masak. keep it up

Mark Robert

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The Grilled Squid n Stingray we ordered yesterday were delicious. love the big portion.Thank you for the sliced cake for iftar.
Will sure order from Masak Masak again.......

Tutik Nor Hayati Omar

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We one family love food from cooking. Our taste is a healthy food from a cooking kitchen that doesn't have many extra flavor messages but it's still delicious. Healthy

Norma Joe

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I enjoy the Grilled squid and the grilled fish with petai very much. The Nyonya salmon is simply delicious.

Mary Vareed

5 Tantalizingly Tasteful Reasons Why You Should Always Indulge in Masak-Masak



You get to relish high-quality, nutritious, and sumptuous food at pocket-friendly prices



You can select from a fantastically flavorful and amazingly diverse menu, bursting with culturally authentic dishes



You’ll taste food that has been sourced in a socially responsible manner. Wherever possible we try to avoid ingredients with herbicides.



When you order food with us, you are indirectly helping students and trainers with their college fees.



When you buy food with us, you will only be paying for the food and not for the dining area, marketing, and branding expenses that invariably shoot up the food prices. That’s why, even though we offer premium quality food, our prices are affordable.

About Us & Our Mission

We are a bunch of highly skilled and passionate culinary trainers assisted by culinary students thriving to produce fairly-priced tasty dishes.  Masak-Masak is a social initiative of SG Education Group, which is renowned for its culinary expertise and its commitment to socially responsible practices.

To produce quality, nutritious, and flavorful food in an environment that champions all who contribute their energy and skill - from the farmer to the chef to the service staff.

To become the premier take away and delivery enterprise  with the joint venture of SG Education Group

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Our Kitchen Philosophy

Create authentic food that is alive with flavor and nutrition, prepared from scratch using authentic ingredients and recipes.  

We strongly believe that good food need not be expensive! We can deliver good food at a fair price by eliminating the cost of an expensive dining area, marketing and branding.  

Our service is distinguished by our passion for food and our abiding commitment to sustainable environmental practices whenever possible.  

We only use fresh, locally sourced ingredients in our kitchens.  

Our cooking techniques are geared to preserve nutrition and produce healthy dishes. 

We care about our patrons. We care about what they like and we care about their health.  

Our team is educated in the principles of our kitchen philosophy.  

Our training program is crafted using hands-on research with real people in real kitchens.